Anna Piotrowiak - interior architect / furniture designer / painter. Educated on Faculty of Interior Design and Designing on the Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw during 2002-2007. Received her diploma lead by prof. E. Zielonka, and painting diploma annex lead by prof. A. Kowalska-Szewczyk. Some of her work is in possession of private collectors in Great Britain, Burkina-Faso, Ukraine, Russia and Poland. Great experience and skills allow her to use multiple painting techniques. She lives and creates work of art in Wroclaw. Currently works mainly on interior design and characteristic furniture, completing her projects with artistic painting.
mgr inż. Michał Marzyński - electronics integrator, software engineer. Educated in Robotics and Automation on Faculty of Electronics on Wroclaw University of Technology. His projects related to robotics and electronics were presented and awarded on multiple country competitions. The experience with electronics design and embedded systems used in robotics combined with commercial experience in software design allows him to design freely in the field of high quality solutions regarding consumer electronics, telecommunications and automation. Lives and works in Wroclaw.


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