1. Furniture stores

We are inviting the owners of furniture stores, interior galleries and others who are interested in cooperation with Kasparo regarding domestic and international retail. The terms of cooperation keeping Kasparo standards can be discussed in any way suitable for the partner. We will hold a product related presentation and training free of charge and show You our ethics and standards, as well as the benefits of cooperation with Kasparo,


2. Designers and architects

Kasparo is operating in a market which is very dynamic and requires a vast variety of products. Taking into account that the clients more and more demanding, we are aware of the fact that presenting a new and unique product can be quite difficult. That's why we are cooperating with designers and architects who seek highly unique designs or offer their own, exquisite and ageless design style.

We are flexible and open to any opportunities and that's what makes us stand out.

Designers and architects are encouraged to work with us on new projects. We are equipped with advanced gear and machines which allows any project to become real

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